PowerCraft is a mobile solar generator on a trailer. The advantage of a mobile solar generator is that you can take this solar generator anywhere, and have electrical power. Uses include:

1) Disaster areas without electrical power

2) Movie making in remote locations

3) Entertainment venues in remote areas

4) Residential or commercial places for primary or backup electrical power

5) Construction projects where power is not yet available

6) Scientific projects in remote location, where consistent power is needed

7) Extended camping trips where long term clean power is preferred.

A mobile solar generator is cost efficient over the long term, when compared to conventional diesel or gas generators. Mobile solar generators do not require a tank of fuel every day. Mobile solar generators do not wear out, nearly as fast, or require maintenance. They have very few moving parts to wear out. Mobile solar generaters make sense, as opposed to permanently mounted solar installations, because, in the face of dwindling housing prices, it is advantageous to be able to take the mobile solar generator with you, if you move to a new location.

PowerCraft is a custom designed mobile solar generator, designed and built from scratch. This is not really a bunch of panels mounted on a universal trailer designed for other applications. PowerCraft is specifically engineered to accomodate the solar generator system, being strong where needed, and weight conscious everywhere else. The result is a relatively lightweight, highly functional mobile solar generator, that can be towed, by most pick up trucks.

PowerCraft features a "quick drop" (triple) axle rack that can be removed from the frame, or repositioned, if ever needed. The PowerCraft mobile solar generator is also equipped with 4 adjustable legs, that allows PowerCraft to stand alone, as a permanent structure. The legs, being adjustable, allow Powercraft to be aimed at the sun for maximum efficiency. PowerCrafts solar rack tilts, which further allows for aiming a the sun, and the rack can be optionally equipped with a solar tracking device.

For residential installations, The PowerCraft mobile solar generator is qualified for state and federal incentives. PowerCraft uses top quality and UL listed components in order to qualify for these incentives.

Yes,....you've heard the claims before, but here we go:
• No noise
• No pollution
• No maintenance
• No conventional fuels needed
• It's free electricity, from the sun
240 VAC and 120 VAC available from the onboard electrical outlets, for all sorts of electrical uses. We can custom create these products to your specific needs.
By LC Enterprises

The PowerCraft from LC Enterprises, notable points:

• Weatherproof
• Completely mobile
• Can tie into your powergrid from your electrical service provider
• Solar panels can tilt to face the sun, a massive 300° of tilt rotation
• 4 point stand system, can tilt or level the trailer frame in any direction
• Axle rack uses a "quick-release" system for removal or rebalancing.
Harness the sun's energy directly for clean renewable energy
LC Enterprises
363 W 3rd St. Perris CA 92570
Business: 951 940 6068, Facsimile 951 657 0180
Email: sales@powercraft.us
• Designed to be relatively light at 3500 lbs. Your pickup can pull it.
The above Powercraft design features 4200 watts of UL Listed solar panels, battery backup for night use and 12,000 watts of surge capabilities provided by the Xantrex XW6048 grid tie inverter.
All PowerCraft products are custom made. Contact us for pricing.
4200 rated watts of solar power (20) 210 watt panels.(12,000 watts surge rating).
Other products from our worthy competitors

Note: Most of these guys are quoting "surge watts" which can be a big impressive number. This is what the inverter is capable of delivering, from the battery pack, for about 10 minutes (before it burns up). The "continuous watts" rating is what you need to know. Count the solar panels! This is where the continuous power comes from.

PowerCraft provides (20) 210 watt panels for good power production. This means that the solar panels are rated at 4200 watts of continuouse power output. For competitors offering fewer solar panels, the continuous rating will be less.

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